Mary Conroy lives and works in Limerick, Ireland. She is a cross-disciplinary artist who graduated with B.Des in Ceramics (2004) and an MA in Social Practice and the Creative Environment (2011) from Limerick School of Art and Design (lSAD). She works in the medium of clay, ceramics and mixed media. Mary often works with existing communities of interest to create outdoor site-specific work. She currently works as Lecturer in LSAD and as a freelance educator and artist.

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Govan Stones, Govan, October 2020

Mary Conroy has created a series of drawings based on selected artworks, maps, architecture and stones in and around the historic Govan Old Church, which holds the oldest and most extensive collection of Viking hogback stones in Europe. Mary’s drawings were produced in Limerick, digitised and sent to local printers in Govan to produce a set of unique high quality prints and tote bags which will be sold to help raise funds for the ongoing research work of the Govan Stones (an independent Trust linked to the Church). The form and content of the printed material was produced in collaboration with Govan Stones staff and volunteers.

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Seed Change, Gdańsk, October 2019

In Gdańsk, Mary focused on the old tools used by shipyard workers. She made casts and molds of these bygone industrial materials to create a seeded clay sculpture that will contribute to the ongoing rewilding of the Shipyard. The sculpture is located on Martwa Wisła quay where the Forge was originally sited following the purchase of farmland in the nineteenth century. By 2020's Spring, the sculpture disintegrated as flowers grew from the seeds restoring biodiversity and green habitats to the area.

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Erkyna's garden, Levadia, April 2019

For the workshop in Levadia called Erkyna’s Garden, Mary Conroy and Greek agronomist and photographer Mary Michou reconnected with invited groups for a guided walk along the riverbank to gather organic materials for hands-on eco-printing. Participants learned about local and indigenous flora while co-creating a collective artwork as a gift to the city. In the exhibition hall the collective artwork was assembled – revealing the colours, impressions and patterns of Erkyna’s Garden.

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