01 Dec 2020

Podcast: Ira Brami

Ira Brami is a performance artist, mask-maker and artistic director. For the Memory of Water project, Ira Brami represented our Greek partner, the Municipality of Levadia. In this episode of our podcast, she describes the experience of working with retired shipyard worker, Mrs. Ula Ściubeł in Poland, and with community activist, Helen Kyle in Scotland during the international residency programme. She also describes returning to Levadia in Greece during the easing of COVID-19 restrictions to engage with the artists and communities of the river city for her final artwork.

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06 Sep 2019

Reflection: Wild Beauty

I was mostly surprised by the River Clyde in Govan which is so beautiful and wild but not easily accessed. There aren’t many spots to sit and enjoy it. The Viking history, the Govan Stones and the architecture of the buildings were stunning. I liked the people in Govan a lot, they were very warm and hospitable. Especially the day that we visited GalGael where they work with wood, and we had meal together, and afterwards we all sang. I got a taste of Celtic culture and how people keep their traditions alive.

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