Spray-can artist Vynck grew up surrounded by the paintings of his grandfather who was a well known expressionist painter. As a child, he started drawing and painting, realising this was his calling. Over time, his canvasses became larger and, at the age of 15, he picked up the spray-can, which turned out to be a perfect match. Soon after, commissioned work came rolling in, and he realised he would not narrow down to one style. Instead he focused on becoming an "all-round" artist. From abstract work to portraits, to landscapes and true "graffiti-spirit" creations, he is now a well-respected artist in the Belgian Street Art and Graffiti scene. Since 2010, he is a full-time independent artist, and also offers graffiti workshops and team-building sessions. He freelances projects for small and big festivals, as well as undertaking private commissions.

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Clyde Tugboat, Govan November 2020

From Ostend in Belgium, Siegfried Vynck has designed a mural of a Clyde Tugboat. The tugboat was once a familiar sight on the river and evokes a time when the shipbuilding industry was at its height. The prominent location of the mural is particularly significant as it is one of the historical centres of shipbuilding in Scotland. The artist has created a step-by-step guide to action painting so that local people can create his design without prior training. The Govan artist Fiona Flemming and a team of volunteers delivered the project assisted by the Fablevision team.

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Industrial Impressions, Gdańsk October 2019

In Gdańsk, Vynck create a bespoke mural inspired by the interior and exterior industrial spaces of the Shipyard. Using spray paint, he repurposed a shipping container as his ‘canvas’ to create a collage of scenes – fragments and snippets of today’s Shipyard – which he encountered on his visit to Gdańsk. The container will be exhibited beside Crane M3, a new destination for locals and visitors to engage with the history and heritage of the site.

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The Myth of Erkyna, Levadia

Siegfried Vynck produced a large-scale mural on a new riverside building depicting the myth of Erkyna, the origin story of Levadia’s river, with a contemporary twist. During this residency, Vynck also reconnected with local graffiti crews to share skills and techniques of their craft.

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