17 Jul 2019

City Lab: Architecture Competition

The second Govan Local Lab took place on Saturday 8th June 2019 with funding from various partners including Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative, Govan Docks Regeneration Trust, Creative Europe and the Universities of Strathclyde and the West of Scotland. Twinned with a matching event in Gdańsk where students from the Architecture Department of Gdańsk University of Technology took on the task of revisioning the future of the shipyard, third year architecture students from the University of Strathlyde took on the matching task of revisioning the future of Govan’s Graving Docks.

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17 Jul 2019

City Lab: Spring into Methods

What better qualified group could we have chosen to interrogate this question than a group of PhD participatory action researchers wanting to make a real difference in their community/community of interest?. Twenty researchers from all over Scotland joined Govan artists, activists urban planners and media artists to explore together, share ideas, findings, problems, issues and barriers

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15 Apr 2019

Reflection: Sun in an Empty Room

To get to the first meeting with the activists and inhabitants of Levadia at Nerotrivi, we took the road along the Erkyna river. My attention was drawn to the empty houses with no front walls. They invited me inside without hiding anything.

From the other side of the road, they were perfect imitations of ordinary houses. With windows, doors, a balcony and a house number. No sign of their shameless denudation.

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01 Apr 2019

Residency: Levadia Production Residency

Artistic Residency

The 1stArtists’ Residency in Levadia (28 January – 2 February) focused on a first and in depth acquaintance of artists with the city and its people. The artists during their first residency had the opportunity to discover different sources of inspiration for their artistic proposal. The 2ndresidency had as a main objective the artistic intervention of the participating artists for the elevation of the river Erkyna and the space along the river as well as to show that the river is a vital element for the development of the city. There was a positive footprint from the residency in the city.Read More

16 Jan 2019

Meeting: Partners gather in Levadia

Agenda “Memory of Water”

Report of

Partners Meeting, Levadia 31 January – 1 February 2019

Venue: Old Town Hall, 1 Karagiannopoulou str.


Present: Iwona Preis, Mary Conlon, Martin Meire Virgine Michils, Liz Gardiner, Lambros Skarlas, Andreas Stamatakis and (Magdalena Zakrzewska, Roman Sebastyanski via skype).


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15 Jan 2019

Residency: Artists in Levadia

Between 29 January and 2 February, the first of three artist residencies will be held in Levadia, Greece. Memory of Water partners from Sweden, Scotland, Poland, Belgium and Ireland will be hosted by their Greek counterparts to exchange and generate creative approaches to post-industrial waterfront sites.

Over the five days, there will be an intensive, diverse programme of presentations, discussions, site visits, workshops and interactions with various institutions and local bodies. The findings from Memory of Water will reach out locally, nationally and internationally, exploring and challenging histories and futures of industry and waterfronts through artist and community-led discussions.


04 Jan 2019

Residency: Levadia Research Residency

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03 Jan 2019


The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre is proud to launch the public debate STOCZNIA OD NOWA (Shipyard Anew) in Gdańsk: collecting dreams for a new vision.

Under this slogan STOCZNIA OD NOWA, a group of independent artists and cultural activists in Gdańsk want to jointly develop a complex social vision for the regeneration of post-industrial shipyard waterfronts, in conjunction with the Creative Europe Memory of Water project and local partner, the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. This process is seen as the legacy of the long-term activities of Kolonia Artystów (Colony of Artists) in the former Gdańsk Shipyard area.Read More