29 May 2019

Reflection: Documenting Levadia

The Swedish artist and film-maker Jonas Myrstrand participate at the ArtCafe with a screening of his music documentary The Singing Raven (60 mins).

He did a “Spring Race” on the Erkyna river with some children and filmed it to make “A good Memory of Water”. Jonas also documenting and filming the hole process, actions and interactions of all the artists to trace the learning and impacts of Memory of Water in all the partner cities. Read More

02 Feb 2019

Reflection: The river as a place to remember and a place to forget

I was incredibly inspired by the stories of the River Erkyna when I came to Levadia for the first time during the research residency in January 2019. I came away thinking that the river was a kind of spine for the town, historically providing everything from laundry facilities and rubbish takeaway, to an important place for ritual. The river was a place to remember and a place to let go – echoing the myth of the Oracle of Trophonius (see image above), which like many ancient Greek oracles was built at the nexus of two springs. I began asking about stories or rituals involving the river, from everyday encounters to symbolic and important lifetime events like baptism.

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11 Nov 2018

Meeting: Kick-off in Ostend

Report 28th of November 2018

Present: Mary Conlon, Mary Conroy, Iwona Preis, Jonas Myrstrand, Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda, Dorota Hryniewicz, Roman Sebastyanski, Agnieszka Wolodzko, Martine Meire, Virginie Michils, Gretel Vanmeert, Siegfried Vynck, Skarlas Lampros, Rafika Saouis, Liz Gardiner, Tara Beall

First meeting of the City Lab#1.Read More