Gothenburg and Stockolm, Sweden

Stockholm and Gothenburg are cities that find themselves in constant development. A lot of areas where industries used to dominate are now being rebuilt for other purposes.

Frihamnen, Stockholm: for decades this waterfront was a busy port that has played a vital part in Sweden’s food storage and distribution. Now it is being rebuilt to make space for apartments. The building project has a prominent sustainability profile, given the city council.

Lindholmen, Gothenburg: there are similarities to Frihamnen. A big part of Gothenburg’s history lies with the industry: at the waterfront Lindholmen there used to be an enormous shipyard that has now been replaced by mostly offices and apartments. Both waterfronts, Frihamnen and Lindholmen, are culturally significant and carry a lot of history and identity.

How can we make sure their post-industrial heritage is not lost, but rather interwoven with the development? By inviting artists to explore these themes lead partner Intercult thinks new perspectives and ways of nurturing the historical heritage will arise. Memory of Water will create a lasting bond between the past and the future.


Lead partner, Intercult is an independent production and resource hub based in Stockholm, Sweden. The organisation has worked in Sweden and Europe since 1996, as initiator and leader of collaborative culture projects, networks and development of intercultural and international project competence.

Intercult is the lead partner of Memory of Water, and has responsibility for coordination as well as overall project management. Memory of Water involves cross-disciplinary and trans-regional work, so Intercult has chosen to work with artists from multiple disciplines and places to explore cultural heritage specifically linked to waterfronts.

With the artistic expression as a starting point, Intercult focuses on the value of intercultural competence aimed at artists, organisers, policymakers and sponsors – creating conditions for the exchange of ideas and models. In the Memory of Water Intercult is working with Gothenburg and Stockholm, both cities dealing with challenges of post-industrial waterfronts, Lindholmen´s Shipyard and Frihamnen (Freeport of Stockholm).