Ostend projects


sustainability: Proper Strand Lopers

‘Proper strand lopers’ is a citizens’ initiative that is active on social media and wants to make society aware of the waste problem in the world, but especially in one’s own environment.

Participation: UiTPAS Oostende

UiTPAS Oostende is a digital loyalty programma to promote and improve cultural activities for every citizin and in addition it gives people in poverty automatic discounts. In short, UITPAS is your access key to free time! With UITPAS Oostende you save points with which you participate in an activity. You can exchange the saved points for nice benefits.

policy maker of leisure Bart Plasschaert

Bart Plasschaert gives an explanation by the cultural policy in Ostend and his engagement in the project Memory of Water. He talks about harbours in different cities. In each of these cities we spot a vibrant port site near the beach. He wants to involve stakeholders such as policy makers, local inhabitants, architects en urban developers to visualize the history and memories of the maritime neighbourhood in the public space.

street art: an interview with Siegfried Vynck, Ostend artist in the project Memory Of Water

For the project Crystal Ship, Siegfried Vynck made a huge mural about the fish industry. The Crystal Ship is a cultural organization specialized in public art producing over 25 installations, sculptures and murals per year. He will do something similar for the project Memory of Water and refers to his work in Levadia.

industrial heritage and revitalisation in the harbour area of Ostend: Muriel Claeys of NGO kleinVerhaal

She explains the city lab methodolygy and the participation result project O.666. They have been renovating the building with a lot of volunteers and the people who are involved in the project and they started the programmation of several activities.


Siegfried Vynck at Open Monuments Day

This year too, the City of Ostend put a historic axis in the spotlight on Heritage Day. On September 8, 2019, the seawall, from Kursaal Westhelling to the Wellington Racecourse, and the sea, due to its immediate proximity, received full attention.


By doing activities, lectures, guided walks and visits, we highlight three social and climatic themes in which the City and its inhabitants and the sea are central. We initially looked at the effects of climate change and the rise in sea level. What consequences will this have for our coastal city and its heritage heritage in the future?

Also Siegfried Vynck made a construction for Open Monuments Day. As if a tsunami has been ravaged by Ostend, the beach is littered with small and large utensils. The white color with which they have been painted is a symbol of innocence and emptiness. Siegfried Vynck will partially repaint the installation during the day. Images from under the water will “flood” the objects. Together with Siegfried, write messages of hope on the installation.