For our final podcast of 2020, Inês Cavaco and Hamish Rhodes share their experience of curating and coordinating the Govan production residency for our Scottish partner, Fablevision, amidst shifting COVID-19 restrictions. Following the warm welcome from local artists, activists, businesses and communities during the research residency last year, the Memory of Water team was determined to stay connected and to deliver useful artistic projects in real life but remotely.

Inês Cavaco works in the cultural sector as a creative on multidisciplinary projects. Getting in the way of Inês’ art-making and dancing is coordinating artistic events. She completed her BA in Visual Arts Painting at the University of Porto, where she became increasingly uninterested in painting. She dedicated her last year at university to social movements, co-running the Students’ Association and becoming active in the intercultural movement Identities_Collective of Action and Research (Identidades_Coletivo de Ação e Investigação), a programme focused on decolonizing artistic education and the self.

After graduating, Inês completed an internship in Gdańsk, Poland with Agnieska Wołodźko at the Cultures Beyond Culture Foundation, an organisation focused on researching participatory art and design. During this internship, Inês got to know the Memory of Water project through assisting at the Gdańsk Production Residency. She then undertook an assisting role coordinating the Govan Production Residency through the European Solidarity Corps programme. Inês also does some work in graphic design, web design, illustration, and is facilitating the Memory of Water webinar series.

Hamish Rhodes grew up in Glasgow next to the River Kelvin, with painters for parents. He studied Social Sciences at college to get into a Journalism and Creative Writing bachelor’s. His first writing job was inventing recipes and stories for a tomato-focused magazine, Red & Juicy. Since then he’s worked as a proof-reader, market research interviewer, and in communications, outreach and project development for the third sector, as well as delivering a successful community consultation in Govan on the use of the River Clyde and derelict land. He is working on the Memory of Water webinars and Govan production residency, is the marketing director of the Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative, the first editor of a new sci-fi magazine and is teaching himself animation.