16 Jun 2019

Reflection: Remembering women who worked the Gdańsk Shipyard

This past June and again in September when visiting Gdańsk, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Mrs. Urszula Ściubeł (or Mrs. Ula). She worked as a pipe insulator for many years in the former Lenin/Imperial Shipyard. She also worked as a light crane operator.

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13 Apr 2019

Reflection: Να το πάρει το ποτάμι / Let The River Take It

Να το πάρει το ποτάμι / Let the River Take It was designed as a collective catharsis, an invitation both to remember and to release memories into the River Erkyna. It aimed to weave together references from Levadia's past and present, including the tradition of washing clothes and rugs in the river, the historical industry of textile mills and the many women who worked in them, and the ancient myth of the Oracle of Trophonius – where the dual springs of remembrance and forgetting combined to form the river itself. The event was also a purposeful re-staging of domestic activity in the public realm, making visible 'women's work' which is often either hidden or ignored.

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