1st Session "To Govan With Love"
An evaluation of the 'remote' working practices imposed by the global pandemic.
Chaired by Professor Katarzyna Kosmala (UWS) 'Shadow Expert' on the Memory of Water project, curator and art writer.
Artist residencies across participating cities in Europe involved in the Memory of Water were live in person but (due to Covid-19), the Govan residencies had to be socially distanced. As the artists from Ostend, Limerick, Stockholm, Gdansk and Levadia were unable to travel to Govan, they sent their ideas To Govan With Love so that local people, artists and community members could deliver them.

In this session, artists will share their experiences: the challenges, issues and obstacles which had to be overcome in order to fulfil commitments to the local community groups in Govan who were hosting them.

You can watch the full session below and scroll further down for the 2nd session.
2nd Session "Does ArtWash or does ArtWork?"
Chaired by Professor Graham Jeffery (UWS).
Beyond Regeneration, Gentrification and Homogenisation there is...?
This session will be focused on the possibilities and pitfalls for artists working in contested spaces and places: Dr Loraine Leeson (Middlesex University, London) an artist who has worked through community-based situated art practice in East London since 1980s and Dr Stephen Pritchard (freelance practicing artist, activist and academic who has helped us explore the notion of Artwash).
With Govan in the frame, introduced by Liz Gardiner (Director, Fablevision and PhD candidate at UWS) and Ian McGillivary (CEO, Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative) we have the opportunity to contextualise local experiences within wider UK conversations and global issues concerning dilemmas posed when artists empower community-led visioning processes within politics of placemaking nested in neoliberalism.
You can watch the full event below: