11 Dec 2020

Limerick webinar: Eye of the River

This webinar for Memory of Water will open with an introduction to how Ormston House became involved with the Creative Europe project, and why Limerick was the perfect city for this cooperation. We will then take a short trip with Pat Lysaght on his boat, Eye of the River, travelling from his home, through the city, meeting some friends along the way. After setting the scene, Mary Conlon will outline the role of Ormston House, the Irish partner responsible for the Artistic Direction of Memory of Water, and share what she has learned from the cooperative project and partnership.

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09 Dec 2020

Batumi webinar: The Golden Balance – Between Artistic Expression and Cultural Heritage Preservation

After more than a year of artistic collaboration with Georgia and the city of Batumi, Intercult invites you to a conversation with artists and city planners in Batumi, Gdańsk and Stockholm. During the past months all three cities have been investigating the preservation and revitalisation of cultural heritage. Taking into consideration the current situation in Batumi, there are two main questions to be discussed:
- Is the cultural heritage untouchable and can artists interfere and to what extent?
- Are there other ways to interfere in order to highlight the value of memories?

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07 Dec 2020

Stockholm webinar: Time Strollers – Stockholm, Water City in Transformation

A conversation between artists and experts on urban planning and cultural planning. In this webinar, Intercult invites you to take a closer look at Stockholm from two perspectives: investigating how city planners value heritage and uncovering the memories that are there. Both perspectives are exploring the role of artists in the sustainable development of the city. Post-industrial sites on waterfronts are attractive pieces of land throughout Europe, city plans are made where these environments are transformed into modern residential areas, but for whose benefit?

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06 Dec 2020

Govan webinars: Does ArtWash or does ArtWork?

1st Session "To Govan With Love"
An evaluation of the 'remote' working practices imposed by the global pandemic.
Chaired by Professor Katarzyna Kosmala (UWS) 'Shadow Expert' on the Memory of Water project, curator and art writer.
Artist residencies across participating cities in Europe involved in the Memory of Water were live in person but (due to Covid-19), the Govan residencies had to be socially distanced. As the artists from Ostend, Limerick, Stockholm, Gdansk and Levadia were unable to travel to Govan, they sent their ideas To Govan With Love so that local people, artists and community members could deliver them.

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05 Dec 2020

Gdańsk webinar: Shipyard Anew – Sowing the Seeds of Change

Hosted by the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdańsk (Project coordinator: Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda)
In Gdańsk, the Memory of Water (MoW) project, co-funded by Creative Europe, has focused on the historic former shipyard areas, which are currently being re-developed. In the background, there is awareness of the importance of the Shipyard in the history of Gdańsk and Poland. “Solidarity”, the largest socio political movement in Europe, was born here.

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04 Dec 2020

Levadia webinar: From The Banks of Oblivion Into The Memory of Water

Levadia, partner of Memory of Water collaboration co-funded by Creative Europe, is taking the torch from Ostend, continuing the wonderful journey. Levadia will present the impact of the programme on the local artists and people and will share with us the experience that the city has gained by participating in Memory of Water.
Through a narration of the events, which took place during the two residencies in Levadia, we will get to know the city and we will discover if the programme managed to achieve its goals here.

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03 Dec 2020

Ostend webinar: Sailing to a Brighter Future

It has been a long and amazing but also unpredictable journey, turning the intentions of Memory of Water into actual realisations. The time has come to count blessings and pitfalls, asking ourselves: did we reach the intended outcomes and did we really manage to bring about CHANGE?

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02 Dec 2020

Webinar series: Re-inventing Post-industrial Heritage through Culture

The Memory of Water team is delighted to share the programme of webinars that will profile the achievements of six partner cities striving to impact the future of post industrial cultural heritage on the European waterfronts by looking at those places through the lens of socially-engaged, interventionist artworks.

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29 Nov 2020

Reflection: Heritage Day in Ostend 2020

From the start of the project, the city of Ostend integrated the yearly tradition of Heritage Day into the MOW Project. Doing so, the opportunity was offered to make the project known to a large and diverse audience and to invite people to discuss the aims and results in a natural and spontaneous manner.

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04 Sep 2020

Residency: Govan Pivot

Over the next two months, a series of public art projects will be happening across Govan, Glasgow, as part of Fablevision’s role in Memory of Water. These six productions will be designed by an artist in Scotland and five European artists remotely. The projects will include a music production, mural painting, printed work, stencilling, performance, and filming.

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